SMART 2022 Hoverboard Go Kart Seat Attachment With Handlebars


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Worried about your child’s safety while they were riding on top of a hoverboard even with all the safety gear on? Well, all you need is a hoverboard go-kart seat attachment like ours to clear out all your concern.

Our hoverboard attachment will give you all you need to transform your ordinary hoverboard into an electric-powered three-wheeled vehicle. All you need to do is assemble the framework and seat, and then attach it to your hoverboard, it’s just that simple! It is also suitable for most of the hoverboards that are available in the markets.

With this hoverkart you and your kids can enjoy a unique driving experience and it also offers more control with risk-free which is much safer for your kids compared with riding on a conventional hoverboard. It is extremely easy to control where riders can accelerate, brake and turn easily with full confidence! 

Lastly, with the adjustable leg pedals lengths, you can adjust the length according to your height and the ergonomic seats are there to provide a good sitting position giving you the best comfort for your rides.


  • STURDY BODY AND EASY TO INSTALL – The body is constructed by Aerospace-Grade aluminum, making this hoverboard attachment kart kit solid, reliable, durable and can withstand up to a maximum weight of 270lbs. Also, with the modular design, you are able to install this with your hoverboard within 15 minutes!

  • ADJUSTABLE AND COMFORTABLE – With an adjustable frame length, our hoverboard go-kart is suitable for riders of all ages, from children to adults. The hoverboard kart seat contours to your leg and back for comfort, allowing you to have more fun with your hoverboard.

  • SAFE AND SMOOTH – Our hoverboard kart has smooth power performance and an improved steering design allows you to control every movement with ease and safety.


Materials: Aluminum 
Item Net Weight: 11.5 LBS 
Dimensions(inches): 31.5″(L) * 16.9″(W) * 19.7″(H)
Brake Style: Rear Braking 
Assembly Required: Yes
Suitable Age: 5 to 65 years old 
Max Weight: 270 LBS 
  • Raven Black 
  • Hot Pink 
Packages Includes:
  • 1x Hoverboard Go Kart With Handlebars
  • 6x Replacement Strap 
  • 1x Manual Guide Book 

SMART 2022 Hoverboard Go Kart Seat Attachment With Handlebars

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