Premium Automatic Patio Portable Electric Outdoor Heater Lamp


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Don’t Have To Worry Staying Outdoor Anymore Because You’ve Found A Perfect Outdoor Heat Lamp Device

Our Patio Heater Lamp creates warm and toasty environment for indoors and outdoors. You can left it on for a long time outdoor even while asleep as well because it is extremely quiet. Don’t have to worry about loud noises from the heater. 

It also helps you to circulate moisture-filled air around your room. So now you don’t have to worry having dry skin after using it for hours. This is definitely a plus point! It also comes with very powerful and quick heating wire.

Hence, our Portable Electric Outdoor Heat Lamp can heat up very fast and makes you stay comfortable all the time all day long. The best part is, it can heat up large areas! 


  • IT COMES WITH REMOTE CONTROL  It is very convenient as it comes with remote control and the best part of it is you can control it within 6 meters. It can be controlled by remote control to turn on, off, and adjust the temperature regularly, so that you can get a more convenient experience. The size is extremely compact and small so you can carry around easily. 

  • SILENT AND SILENT – The sound of Portable Electric Outdoor Heat Lamp is ultra-silent less than 43 decibels. In a quiet environment, you can keep warm all night and help improve your sleep quality and don’t worry if it affects your sleep anymore!

  • SHELL INSULATION MATERIAL – Portable Electric Outdoor Heat Lamp has low shell and the shell insulation material and heat dissipation area are large. Therefore, the shell temperature is 60℃ during heating hence it will not burn your skin even if you accidentally touch it. 

  • SAFE DESIGN – The absolutely safe design of  heater is the first choice for your family! With an anti-tip protection system, the electric fireplace heater will automatically turn off when it is tipped 45 degrees. The electric heater in the fireplace space also has an overheat protection function. Once the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, it will automatically shut down.

  • SPECIAL FUNCTION – The electric heater has a 12-hour timer function. Safe air outlet design, fingers can not be inserted, you don’t have to worry about the safety of children, and use it more easily.


Material: Metal
Dimension: 17cm(L) x 17cm(D) x 33cm(H)
  • Black
  • White
Continuous Use time: More than 8 Hours
Power: 800W
Voltage: 220V 
Heating Method: Electric Heating Wire
Plug Type: US Plug
Suitable Area: Within 20² Meters
Package Includes:
  • 1x Electric Heat Lamp
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Manual Guide Book


Premium Automatic Patio Portable Electric Outdoor Heater Lamp

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