BEST 2022 Heavy Duty Manual Pasta Maker Stainless Steel Machine


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Are you sick of instant store-bought pasta? Are you interested in making pasta at home from scratch? Our pasta maker is the solution to delicious homemade pasta for your familyThis pasta machine is an excellent kitchen helper, making sure you get diverse flavors and nutrition from your choice of pasta such as traditional lasagne, fettuccine, raviol and so on. 

Making pasta from scratch is now easier than ever with lesser effort and time needed. With this best pasta machine, all you have to do is put the sliced dough into the pressure roller and roll it with the hand crank. You can now make pasta accordingly to your recipe with different thickness by changing the setting.

This noodle maker requires the least effort from you even after using it! The user-friendly design of the pasta maker and its pasta cutter can be taken apart, making it so much easier to use and clean. Moreover, it can work reliably for a long time as it is very sturdy and durable due to the material used, which is stainless steel.


    • Get pasta sheets with different thickness from .01in to 0.2in by rotating the dough grade knob on the side of the pasta machine.
    • Choose your level of preference according to your recipe’s need. 
    • Feature 6 adjustable setting of thickness from 0.1in to 0.2in and 2 pasta width of 0.08in and 0.16in that supports different type of noodles such as lasagne, fettuccine, ravioli and so on.
    • Pasta machine ensures diverse flavors and nutrition of the noodles.


    • Able to make pasta at ease with our pasta machine
    • Save plenty of time and effort while maintaining the diverse flavors and nutrient pasta

    • Professional design involving rolling the pasta with a hand crank and using a pasta cutter to snip at the end.

    • Work reliably for long time, fairly classic and unbreakable.

    • Work with clamp and anti-skid base which allow the pasta machine to be held in position.


      • Features a knob which is easy to adjust and a hand crank that makes the machine easier to use.

      • Easy to be cleaned as the pasta maker machines can be taken apart.

      • Simplify the process of making nutrient pasta.


      Material:  410 Stainless Steel
      Dimension:  8.27″(L) * 7.87″(W) * 5.12″(H)
      Item Net Weight: 4.93 LBS
      Color: Silver
      Suggests Dough Thickness: 0.39″
      Suggests Dough Width: 0.57″
      Supports Thickness Setting: 0.01″ to 0.2″
      Supports Pasta Width: 0.08″ & 0.16″
      Package Includes:
      • 1x Heavy Duty Manual Pasta Maker Stainless Steel Machine
      • 1x Pasta Cutter
      • 1x Hand Crank
      • 1x Clamp
      • 1x Manual Instruction Guide

      BEST 2022 Heavy Duty Manual Pasta Maker Stainless Steel Machine


      1000 in stock